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Welcome to My Wooden House

At My Wooden House we build bespoke lodges, summer houses, gazebos (for hot tubs/swim spas), adventure play systems, climbing frames and treehouses. Our aim is for your outdoor living dream to become your reality.

We want to give you an outdoor living experience that will help you relax and unwind, somewhere you can recharge your batteries. Blending your outdoor living with your home and expanding this space can increase your sense of home. Taking advantage of ALL the space you have and making it work for your lifestyle. 

A place your children or grandchildren can live out their own adventure, outside in the fresh air climbing suspended treehouses, swinging from a zip wire, or playing house. Children are naturally drawn to playing outside. Playing outdoors allows them to explore their environment and helps them develop their strength and coordination and gain self-confidence.

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Play/Adventure Equipment

This product is one with a large scope. The design will be based on your space and requirements. We can build a single space structure of a climbing frame, or one that features zip lines, climbing walls, swings and wobble bridges. This is a fun project for you to design for your children or grandchildren. 


The treehouses are a firm favourite within the team of My Wooden House from design to build. We love to create these luxury suspended houses within a woodland area or even a single tree. We all have cherished memories of very simple treehouses that we had tried to create as children or just climbing trees and playing within them. Our children are growing up in a technologically advanced world which seems so focused around computers and tablets and phones. It is a gift to us to be able to build a place that will get your kids out in the fresh air, exploring, learning and growing just as they should. 


People mostly choose a gazebo for an area already in use in the garden. You may want to cover a seating area or a hot tub/swim spa. Whatever your need for the gazebo, our design will reflect this and will blend to the home’s style.