Working from home? Consider your garden!

Working from home? Consider your garden!
Working from home? Consider your garden!

Your day begins with a quick check of your work emails whilst having breakfast, followed by a morning's work at your kitchen table, an afternoon meeting colleagues and an evening finishing off more emails after the school run at 3 pm. Wear what you want, choose your own hours and never commute again, it's a sought-after perk of the job -the envy of office dwellers everywhere.

According to government figures, over 2 million of us now work from home, with a further 300,000 working in the same grounds or building as our homes. Experts predict that number will continue to grow. New technology, faster internet connections, messaging and video apps, and the rise of collaborative and monitoring software ensure that we are as connected to our colleagues as we are when we are in the office. More and more companies including Amazon and Apple are responding to this growing demand by offering remote working.

Designing a dedicated space.

Just because you're not working at an office doesn't mean you can't have an office. Many of us are lacking a dedicated office space at home, an area to separate work and home life. If you're self-employed, a remote worker or a small home business, it's probably high time you invested in a home office garden room. Easily accessible from your back door, you can design the use of the room(s) around what you need without the expense of a house extension.

By extending your living space into the garden, you'll have additional space to combine your home office needs with your favourite hobbies and activities, no commuter stress, no office space rental and in turn will add value to your home.

If you're looking to create a dedicated work space in your garden, away from home life and all of its distractions. My Wooden House offers bespoke sleek designs, fully functional to your needs, making your garden office a comfortable working environment all year round.

Whatever your budget, garden space, personal taste and style, if you are looking to build a home office, we are confident that you've come to the right place.

Bespoke options don't need to be drastically expensive, but it will give you more choice in terms of the room's size, shape, proportions and materials. Book a Free On-Site Survey where we will discuss your requirements, offer advise around design, planning, location, material and structural decisions to help you create the perfect space. Attention to detail in paramount and our focus throughout the build process is to ensure your requirements are met with no fuss or disruption to your day to day life.