Make Memories You'll Treasure Forever!

Make Memories You’ll Treasure Forever!

Enhancing your garden with a children's hideaway, a fantasy den seen in films or read about in books, a playhouse or a treehouse will build treasured memories, that will last forever! You only need to take your inspiration from last year's Chelsea Flower Show. Attracting the biggest buzz — and the longest queues — was the RHS Back to Nature Garden, co-designed by the Duchess of Cambridge featuring a swing, a rustic den and a campfire, but its centrepiece was a magnificent treehouse.

Fun time

It isn't really about the treehouse, it's all about spending quality time together. Providing endless adventure and hours of imaginative play that seems to bring out the child in everyone. Building a treehouse creates more than a fun play space for children, it encourages them to spend more time outdoors, an escape from the norm, a hideaway, a safe place to be alone taking them away from screens and electronic devices. It provides a way for families to form bonds, appreciate the outdoors, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. It will add more physical activity into your children's lives without them knowing it, because they'll be having the time of their lives!

As well as traditional dens and platforms, additional features can be added to children's treehouses which provide further scope for outdoor fun; swings, slides, rope ladders, bridges and service trays with pulleys are all popular additions.

Electricity, water, heating and other mod-cons can be integrated to create a guest room, or provide a warm, comfortable quiet place to retreat to in the evening. Well-designed and well-finished treehouses can be utilised in any number of different ways, extending and adding value to your home.

Whether you desire a comfortable, well-kitted-out extension of your home, or a fun, magical, safe place for your children to play. Sustainable, imaginative and bespoke treehouse design and construction has brought wonder and delight to kids and adults alike. At My Wooden House nothing is beyond the realms of possibility to bring your ideas to life.

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